The Sixth Month in Quarantine

Alright, Peru, you want to get out of this pandemic? Then stop doing the crap
that´s going on!

  1. Drinking from the same beer glass to express your friendship (Not to mention the partying!).
  2. Spending your money without thinking of tomorrow! Instead, learn to save so that the state may proclaim a quarantine for three weeks and close ALL shops and markets, while you have sufficient means to buy food for your family in advance (and the state does not need to be helping you out with “finance packages” – half of which eventually get stolen due to corruption…). If you actually get a SUPPORTIVE money package from the state, don’t spend all the money on buying a TV! (Yes, that was Columbia, but the same is more than possible here!)
  3. Blaming tourists for bringing the disease to your country! Case zero was a Peruvian! And if you all had behaved, this would have been over long ago!
  4. Thinking that alcohol disinfection can prevent any bacteria or viruses getting to you! No, you REALLY need to be washing your hands (especially first thing coming home)!
  5. Wearing, OMG, your shoes at home, especially during the time of pandemic! Take them off and use slippers or flip flops or whatever clean shoes in your house so that you don’t spread harmful microorganisms from the outside all around your house!
  6. Placing your used face mask on your dining table once you come home from the outside! Instead, wash your reusable face mask in boiling water EVERY time you have used it! This is logic, no?
  7. Blaming the government and the president for the crap YOU got yourself in. They do their best and you should be grateful finally there is someone out there who really wants to deal with the corruption you al keep blaming – even for your personal faults and failures!
  8. Living the extremes! Why is there a group of people wearing an anti-Covid overall with protective goggles, a face shield, a face mask, gloves, all that, and on the other hand there are people who do not even wear a face mask (though it is obligatory still) and party on the Sunday curfew? Normalize “the extremes”!
  9. Thinking that God, whose name you carry on your cars rather than in your heart, will help you get out of this if you do NOTHING of the miracle work yourself!
  10. Forgetting about prevention! For Christ´s sake you have ALL you need at your markets! Reasonably priced vegetables and fruits of all seasons and kinds, turmeric, ginger, the natural antibiotics of garlic and onion, the healing help of dragon blood, eucalyptus leaves and many, many herbs from the Andes and the jungle! You have the best-stocked pharmacy right out there at your local market!
  11. Blaming Covid for having killed many obese people, diabetics and high blood pressure and cholesterol sufferers while you can simply prevent all these conditions by eating well, sleeping well and exercising! Yes, exercise! It is not a dirty word! It is what people generally do normally, they exercise! And by exercise I don’t mean lifting up your hand with the remote control in it to change the channel! And by eating well I certainly don´t mean eating rice (which is high in sugars) with every single meal, or putting pasta (high in sugars) into every single soup, or frying everything (in huge amounts of oil), or eating meat every day (while your markets are overflowing with wonderful veggies and legumes), or using those huge amounts of salt and putting sugar into every single fresh juice, tea and coffee you make! Read online about vegetarian recipes, they are cheap, fast and tasty. Drink your juice without sugar, it won´t kill you! And replace unhealthy fats with good fats, like that of avocado or nuts which are available everywhere. And just know that Coca-Cola and alcohol is basically just sugar – yes, wow, that is news, right? Well, that is the truth, and if you had paid attention in the school instead of messing around and being loud, you could have learnt that as your teacher might have had a chance to tell you. Yes, I had been teaching in Peru! (Until the schools got closed for the whole year without giving the kids a chance to substitute the instruction with online learning, so currently, they are messing around in their homes for several months, watching TV, learning nothing. A year lost.)

You had all the possibilities to get out of this easily and well, Peru, with the president and the government taking the right decisions at the right time. You yourselves have screwed it up! Don’t blame god, don’t blame the government, and don’t blame your neighbor. Look into your consciousness and see clearly that you too have a part in this!

I am tired of helping out, Peru. Sick and tired. Understand the responsibility each of you carries. Thank you.

If we, “Westerns”, “gringos” if you wish, need to learn how to “live now, for today, with acceptance and patience”, YOU guys here need to learn “to live the tomorrow”!

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